Friday, October 17, 2014

Thank God It's Friday

Dear God, 
So pumped for the weekend.  Really don't have any plans so hopefully we can just enjoy some family time! 
This part week was interesting.  Matt and I had taken Monday off as we finished our blissful getaway weekend!  So it was a short week.  
Got my Ikea stuff from my sister!  Ah!  Love the frames that I settled on for our master bedroom... now to find the pictures that I want to put in them.  I wanted the room to focus on us as a I'm thinking some candid shots from our wedding... blown up as 12x12's.  Weird size I know.. so I have to get creative. Maybe I'll do a voting contest with my readers to see which three prints will make the cut! :)
Thank you for the gift of friendship... this week I've been able to reflect on some key friendships I've had for a long time.  Girlfriends who have been there any time I've needed a helping hand or shoulder to lean on.  I'm so grateful to have them in my life...and I pray I can reciprocate that love and devotion.  I don't know if it's about growing older or entering new chapters in life, but you often find that those who don't need you in their life find ways to exit it.  And at times that's fine.  But after the dust settles from a bumpy ride, it's refreshing when you have "those" friends who are still standing there for ya. 
Thank you for my kiddos.  Oh man... love them.  Let's just show that love in pictures shall we?

Thank you for fall!  I seriously love this time of means colorful leaves, boots, spiced chai tea (don't even think I'm going to say pumpkin flavored anything... ugh.. gag!), cider, cozy cuddles on the coach by a fire with a good book (bahaha... yeah, moms don't get that last one!)  But seriously, what is more beautiful than hike in Fall... 

Hopefully the weather isn't too cold this weekend and we can get the boys out for at least one hike this weekend.  And maybe to DSW so I can get the boots I've had my eyes one this month... hehe

Thank you for the light at the end of the tunnel with school.  I finish up this semester in two weeks then I only have two more classes till graduation!  This girl is going to celebrate big!!  You wait and see!! haha. to start planning the evening. 

Love always,
your daughter

- Kathy

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And just like that...he took me to new heights!

I love my husband.

Even on a normal day starting at 5am when he snoozes his alarm for 1 hour, groggily helps me get the boys ready, spills sugar everywhere while making our coffees, forgets the diaper bag when dropping the boys off, forgets the lunch I made him in his car, lies about eating said lunch, runs errands on his way home, walks in with a grocery bag 1/2 filled with eaten candy bars, and riles the boys up right before bedtime...a  too late bedtime.

I still love him.

I love him because he doesn't stress out about getting ready in the morning, because irate noises like an alarm don't bother him, because lil A adores the way he wakes him up, because he knows how I like my coffee (sweet and light...just like him!), because deep down I don't mind re-routing my morning to drop off the diaper bag and see the boys one more time, because I don't mind spending time to make his lunch, because I like practicing my skills at catching him in a lie, because he doesn't complain about running by the store for the taco seasoning I forgot, because he has a sweet tooth that kick starts my dieting, because he bonds with our boys.

Matt's my best friend.  Lately, life has gotten hectic and we just haven't had the time to really connect.  It's just a part of life I know... but I'm a big fan of date nights...without the kiddos!  Just a little R&R to get back on track and talk about adult things.  (Harder than it sounds... I can talk about Thomas the Train for hours!)

So when Matt told me that we were going to do a weekend getaway I was excited.  At first it was going to be a family thing but he planned something that he said wasn't kid friendly so we reluctantly made plans to leave them behind in the safe hands of my parents.  We both knew we would miss the boys like crazy, but we were also excited for some time just the two of us.  The funny part was I had no idea what the weekend had in store!  That's right... Matt planned out the entire weekend!  As in...every..single... moment.  From when we would wake up, where we would eat, etc.  That's a huge feat for a fella who married an obsessed control freak a planner.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Thank God It's Friday!

Dear God, 

Friday couldn't have come fast enough!  It's amazing just how much has happened in the past week! For starters... I'm back to blogging. ;)  Slow start, yes, but it's a matter of fitting it into my schedule right?  I'm thinking evenings will be working best.  Mainly for the fact that it's the only time I have to myself.  But thank you for the chance to be able to do this.  I enjoy it! 

Thank you for my husband!  He's such a sweetie.  Even when we're super stressed out and don't take time to reconnect... he makes up for it in the sweetest... unique ways. 

 Speaking of his amazingness (I use this word all the time)... ever been told to pack a bag for a long weekend and not know the specifics of where you're going or what you're going to be doing?  No?... well I'll let you know when we get  back for my surprise weekend getaway.  Babies get to spend the weekend with their grandparents and Matt and I will have some R&R somewhere... don't worry. Will catch you all up soon!  Will be taking the good camera too...!

Thank you for my babies!  Gah, I love these lil dudes!  Even late at night when I basically fall face down on my bed from pure exhaustion I'm so grateful to You for trusting me to take care of them.  They are so fun... and life changingly (that's a word!) amazing!  Last night lil A didn't want to go to bed because he was hungry.  It was 10 pm and I was getting lunches ready for the next day so he saw the cucumber out and asked for that... with dip (aka ranch dressing).  I sliced about 3 inches worth and he inhaled it.  Then he asked for a quesadilla (meat and cheese) I cut him 1/4 of a whole and he ate that.  Asked for I gave him a 1/2 of a whole... he gasped and said, "whoa that's a big one".  Then ate it all.  Downed it all with a glass of water, wiped the table and walked off telling me to wipe down his messy chair.  Yup... that's my life with a boy toddler!

Lil A though... what a chill dude.  He found the magazines under the coffee table and went to town.  Then he fell asleep.  Woke up and ate...then fell asleep again, for the night. 

 All this talk on sleep reminds me that I have a project to post on soon!  So we're revamping the master bedroom!  So excited!  Matt was actually the one who pushed for this and inspired a lot of my design ideas.  I can't wait for the final reveal. 
Thank you for the time and energy You gave us to be able to get the majority of the work done on one Saturday.  It was definitely a long day... but we are in love with the final design!   My sister is graciously delivering the last of the elements from Ikea this weekend!'ll all be in the loop!  Enjoy the sneak peek!
Well Lord, it's been a busy one...but definitely full of blessings!  Glad to be able to sit back now and gear up for a weekend of adventures and surprises... 
Praying you all have memorable weekends as well! 

your daughter...Kathy

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Shake it off...

So I've had T-Swift's "Shake It Off" song on repeat for the past hour.  I seriously love this song.  It's been awhile since Pandora actually hooked me up with a recommendation I approve of. :)  I was surprised that it was T-Swift... I thought she did country?!  Whatevs... She's doing good things in my book.  One of those songs that you drop what you're doing, close your eyes, raise your hands and just let loose.  No matter where. you. are. (Apologies to my boss..)

I think it's the old-school beat. 
The random clapping that I still can't quite figure out
The lyrics that are oh-so-simple and true. 
Or maybe the reaction of "A" when he sees me randomly bust out in dance.
...yeah, it's most likely the last one. 
But seriously.. the song is so true... 

'Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, playAnd the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hateBaby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shakeI shake it off, I shake it offHeart-breakers gonna break, break, break, break, breakAnd the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fakeBaby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shakeI shake it off, I shake it off

How can you let life get you down after listening to that? 

... off to listen to it one more time... maybe this time "A" will dance with me. 

- Kathy

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Hey... if Lebron can do it... why can't I.

Hello again...
In  the last week I've had a handful of my faithful readers reach out to me asking "Where are you?", "Are you coming back?" and "Get to blogging girl!".  Honestly, the outpouring couldn't  have come at a better time.  I was starting to wonder myself if my words would ever make an appearance on this blog again.  I just didn't know how to approach it any more.  Saying life had gotten hectic was just an excuse.  I really did miss this world.  In a way, it's always been my secret (yet totally public) world where I could be whomever I wanted (though I'm usually brutally honest with my true self).
In all honesty, (See, there I go again being all honest like) I needed this blog.  More so than I realized. So... in a sense, I'm back.  I'm going to make it one of my priorities to keep up with this hobby...because it brings me the most joy.  I have so much to catch you all up on.

The Boys:
Both boys are doing fantastic.  "A" is now 2 1/2 years old.  He's smart, witty, a jokester, athletic and a pure terror in the essence of toddlerhood.  He makes me laugh while I pull full clumps of hair from my head.  Every night I thank God for making him so freaking cute... because otherwise...(sigh)
Lil "R" is getting big.  He's now 7 1/2 months old.  He's rocking the two bottom teeth and seriously adores his big brother.  Like adores.  As in if "A" breathes in his direction...he laughes hysterically and his lil arms start flapping enthusiastically... it's a ridiculous.  He'll be crawling here before we know it and I know after that mobility milestone...the dynamic duo will be a force of nature. :)  Lord... help me.
Don't even ask about the hair...we're trying to figure out how it defies gravity.
My Man:
Oh Matt... my rock.  He's doing well.  Work has been a busy season for him so he hasn't had as much time or energy to do some of the projects I have on a list for him.  But he's still around. :)
Lately he's picked up the hobby or hiking / rock climbing.  So we've all been embracing the new form of family exercise.  Did I mention he turned 31 not too long ago?...yeah, we're getting old over here. :)

My Home...The Crib... Our Pad: 
You know me...I always need a project going on to justify my existence.  When I last left we had just completed the closet renovation into a mudroom space.  Since then we've begun demo on the basement, designs of an outdoor patio, master bedroom redo and master bath renovation.   It's been... busy. But you know that's how I like it.
My Heart:
Wouldn't feel right to divulge all the outward aspects of my life without sharing the changes that are happening on a more personal / spiritual level.  I've never shied away from sharing my faith so don't expect that to change. :)  Well as of late Matt and I had to make a difficult decision involving finding a new church.  The reasons weren't anything crazy except that we needed a place that "fit" us as a family.  The church we were attending was the one I grew up in.  Literally I had spent over 20 years there.  We had gotten married there.  "A" was dedicated there.  But something...or rather...Someone was leading us elsewhere.  It was like we were getting comfortable in our faith and merely just going about the motions every Sunday morning without really absorbing what was being taught.  We prayed for weeks about it...and I spent a lot of time crying over it.  But in the end I needed to step out of my comfort zone and trust the plan God had for us.  After a few weeks of visiting we were invited to a local church that friends of ours were attending.  To be honest, I wasn't expecting to like it.  I was still being stubborn in the sense that we would go back to "what I knew".  But oh-does-God work in mysterious ways. :)  Little did I know that he was leading us to a new church home.  We've been attending for only about 2 months, but already we've been able to plug ourselves into a Lifegroup (weekly bible study branch-out meeting).  And the part that has really touched me is that Matt has really come out of his shell and taken the initiative to lead our family spiritually.  It's a whole new chapter for us.  I couldn't be prouder of him... and thankful to God for teaching me to let go and trust Him.  Easier said than done...

So I'm back.  For reals this time.  I hope you're still all out there to join me on the journey...

...documenting life's many blessings!

- Kathy

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DIY Spice Drawer!

So excited to post this project!  It's one that I spotted on Pintrest and finally got to do it over my maternity leave.  So happy with the end result too!
So you know how you have that spice cabinet and it's chuck full of different size bottles.  You know there's one that broke open so a push of spice always hits you in the face when you open it!  You have no idea what you have inventory wise so there's probably duplicates of cumin since you never use it anyhow.  Well there's a way to get past the madness and have a super cute spice display.  Instead of a them in a drawer!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Tackled Mud Problem!

Hey there!  You all have been super patient with this next project that I'm happy to reveal as completed!