Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ikea time!

This weekend I'm taking a day trip out with my mom and the boys to visit my sister and see her new place....and shop at Ikea! hehe!  So excited!
Honestly though, my lil sis moved into her new apartment around the time lil R was born...so like 8 months ago and I have yet to see it!  I'm so proud of her though. She's really grown up into a mature woman living on her own and hold down a really respectable job.  Way to go lil sis!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

I know...I know...

...where have I been right?  hehe.. well I never promised daily posts!  I promised I was back!  But I have been spending some time just catching up on a lot of your blogs and other buddies who I secretly follow.  I had missed a lot!

So my week has been intense.  Basically a roller coaster ride of emotions and the need to catch up on some much needed sleep... more on that later!

Well Halloween ended well.  I don't want to say it's my favorite holiday because deep down I feel like it's an anti-christian celebration... but on a light note I love dressing up.  It's fun and you get to visit strangers for free candy.  *win-win*.  Lil A is starting to get into it too and I couldn't be more proud. haha.  So his costumer came out pretty awesome.  I was really happy with the work and he really enjoyed parading down the street getting candy... for the family. ;)

During construction...
I spent so much time with lil A's Thomas costume that I didn't really have time to work on my own... so this is the best I could do given the endless late nights.  Lil R... my from prince was pretty easy.  I got his hat from Etsy and the frog costume from goodwill.  The greens weren't a perfect match.. but it did the trick for night.  Walking around we were a hit.  If I didn't have lil R on my hip...not sure anyone would have known who I was... ha!
Our trick-or-treat crew

That night we meant to go to bed early but we had friends over and seriously loss track of time.  We didn't get to bed till 1am...and we had plans to leave the house super early in the morning to get down to Matt's parents' house in time for niece's 2nd birthday party.  We were out the door by 7am.  The lack of sleep didn't hit us until we were half way through the party.  We all tried to get some naps in, but it was near impossible with all the family around visiting.  So we postponed that for the week... yeah, I know!
But the birthday party was fun and the visit was short...but memorable.  I didn't even take any pictures while we were there.  Maybe because we were so busy chasing the kids and having a good time.
The rest of the week I've just been out of it.  Not sure if it was the lack sleep but I just can't shake the feeling of just being...down.  It happens every now and again so I've just been getting into God's word and keeping the family close to improve my mood.  It's working.. and this weekend we have a fun family getaway planned.  I'm looking forward to it.
Will be praying you all have great weekends!
- Kathy

Thursday, October 30, 2014

....and more Halloween Goodies!

Daycare Treats were completed for lil A's daycare party today!  I researched ideas for months... trying to find some healthy alternatives this year!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Madness!

I've been spending every ounce of free time this week working on halloween costumes for me and the kids.  Matt never decided what he was going to be, so I'm sure he'll be digging through the costume closet the day of and throwing something together. :)
This year I get to be a princess!  Finally!  I've been wanting to be Princess Tiana for years now, but Matt continued to say no to being my frog Prince!  Enter lil R... hehehe.  He graciously agreed to done a froggy costume and my the perfect accessory to my dream costume!  Still working on them though.  My gown is almost done and his still needs the web feet!
Now lil A is another story!  This lil dude started off the season loving Jake and the Neverland Pirates... so it was a shoe-in that he would be Jake and I even had a friend who had the costume that we could have.  Yay!  Then...he changed his mind!  Like, no more Jake...at...all!  Panic took hold because this was last week!  So his new obsession is Thomas the Train.  We decided he could be a train engineer and if I had time, I would construct a Thomas the Train for him to wear.  So here's a sneak peak...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lil A's Monster Truck 2nd Birthday!

(This is from the vault of drafts I never published!...my apologies... )

So in my defense this started off as a small get together... We weren't going to make a big deal about this birthday since it was just "2"... but as we planned and looked at inspiration photos we got too excited and a small get together turned into a Monster Truck bash.  Not gonna, lie... we don't know how to do small.  :)

If you remember lil A's 1st birthday party we had about 65 people...and the weather was perfect!! This year was about 40 people and we got blessed with a break from the endless rain storms!   I'll try to summarize as best as I can...but I'll let a lot of the pictures do the talking!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

5 Min in Kathy's Head

...I don't understand why people minimize the amount of dressing they put on their salad.  I like my leaves coated... even when the restaurant pre-adds...I usually ask for more.  I get that there are added calories, but it's not like you're drinking down 1/2 a bottle.  And you're eating a pile of leaves anyhow...

...If my son pats my belly one more time saying, "baby"...I'm going to lay down and immediately do 50 crunches... that'll show him.

...my coworker told me today that he doesn't eat hummus because he sounds like "human" which he then relates to The Walking Dead.  What?!  They're chickpeas dude... which makes me think of baby chicks the size of peas... which is basically diet chicken wings.  *score*

...why does my potty training son think un-moving objects are staying still because they are pooping?  Like the tractor down the street...

...you know how when you go to a restaurant during your lunch break and your waitress highlights how they have a new menu that has your food to you in 8 min or less... and she proceeds to forget your drinks, deny you the complimentary salad and food comes out 25 min later with the appetizer 10 min after that?... she needs to work on her opener.

...I avoid un-happy people.  I tend not to acknowledge them when they confront me because they make me uncomfortable because of how contagious their negative disposition is.  I honestly don't understand why some people insist on looking at life so negatively.

...I worry about who my boys will be when they grow up.  I don't want them to make the wrong choices.

...why does Old Navy send me like 5 emails today about "today only" sales!  You fooled me once before... now I know jeans will always be on sale!

...how dirty are gas pumps?  Cause they gross me out.

...Some nights I'm so tired I want to hide in my closet (so lil A can't find me) and take a nap.  I would only wake up to eat, but I know Matt would panic and order a pizza.  Ugh... I wouldn't want a pizza.  We always get pizza.  Maybe a salad instead... with extra dressing.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why I shampooed my carpet this weekend...

What an awesome weekend at home!  It rained a lot... which didn't stop us from trying to get out for a quick hike.  Ok, maybe it did because lil A wouldn't keep his gloves on and proceeded to jump into every puddle he saw.   I'm convinced this kid seeks out the path with the most mud, dirt and water.

On our way back home we stopped at the animal shelter to see some of the dogs they had there.  It was actually pretty sad.  Most were pitbulls that seemed really cage aggressive.  I'm sure most of them would have been fine if they were able to run around, but they were all barking and jumping.  Lil A has a huge heart for dogs and wanted to pet them.  Lil R was the opposite.  haha.  He was gripping onto me and basically growling back at the dogs to prove his alpha stance....(sigh).  The visit did stir in Matt the need for a family dog again...so the hunt is back on to find our perfect furry friend.  Doesn't help that we are super picky with what we want.  Basically, the Hungarian Visla...which retails as low as $2500... but you're paying for a shedless, medium-large sized quality dog!  haha.
So we're trolling shelters and rescues for pointer dogs hoping we come close.

Once we got home, cleaned up, fed and dry everyone took naps and left for a birthday party down the street.  We popped in for just a couple hours and then headed to our friend's house where we spent the rest of the evening babysitting their little girl so that they could go out for their anniversary.  She's a doll... and gets along with lil A perfectly!

On Sunday we were off to church in the morning and then spent the afternoon at home just getting the house in order.  Matt outside getting the yard ready for winter and me inside cleaning the kitchen, mopping the floors, laundry...and shampooing the carpet... because someone decided to take things to the mobile level...

So the floors are clean and I'm trying to keep them free of small edible objects.  Which you know...is so easy to do with a toddler in the house! ha!   I accept the challenge!  Hope you all had great weekends!

- Kathy